12 Easy Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

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12 Easy Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

Full disclosure, I do not watch football. I did, however, watch the SuperBowl sometimes, since it was mostly a social event for other American expats to meet. Now, being back in the States, I do not wish to watch football and typically have not unless I am out and there is a TV and it is Sunday, Monday or Thursday. My partner does love the NFL. He for some reason is a Rams fan. Even I know they suck. Despite this, we still plan to watch the SuperBowl together and told him I would try to whip up some stuff for the game.


I looked around the internet (Pinterest) and found some great vegan superbowl recipes that I would love to try.

12 Easy Vegan Superbowl recipes

1. Vegan Mozzarella sticks- I love this kind of “bar food” and Vegan Richa as a great recipe for mozzarella sticks that you can back AND it’s vegan!

vegan super bowl recipes

2. Vegan Smokey Little Devils– I don’t like eggs, but these are a great tasty fake of deviled eggs that I think is going on the list for the game. This one is brought to you by Forks Over Knives.

vegan super bowl recipes

3. Baked Buffalo Chickpea and Artichoke Vegan Taquitos– I saw these and freaked out. I love all things Mexican food, and this mixes some flavours that I would love to try. Veggie Inspired Journey has a great recipe to try.

4. Buffalo Wings– Buffalo wings are a necessity for the game, and this recipe looks legit. I have made them before, they taste really great. This recipe is brought to you from the Edgy Veg.

5. Onion Rings- Had to throw in this recipe from One Green Planet in for onion rings. Everyone needs those for a SuperBowl party.

vegan super bowl recipes

6. Jackfruit Nachos– Jackfruit is my new best friend right now when it comes to make tasty fake vegan recipes that require a chicken element. I have to try these! This recipe is coming from Dora Daily.

vegan super bowl recipes

7. Grillable Vegan Burgers– There was a different recipe for grillable burgers, but I swear I can’t find it. I found these instead that look awesome. I have not made these yet. This recipe is coming from Olive Magazine.

vegan super bowl recipes

8. Falafel Bites- Switch it up a bit from the typical Superbowl fare with some falafel bites. They are yummy and easy to make. I got the recipe from Cotter Crunch.

8. Vegan Stuff Mushrooms– Who loves stuffed mushrooms as much as I do? I freaking love stuffed mushrooms. I found this awesome recipe for vegan stuffed mushrooms from Cilantro and Citronella.

vegan super bowl recipes

9. Cucumber Hummus Bites– Hummus is always a nice addition. I would imagine you can also use this for the falafel bites or throw it in a wrap if you have leftovers. I found this recipe from A Cedar Spoon.

vegan super bowl recipes

10. Sweet Potato Fries- Fries are simple and easy to get out first so that you can make the rest of the snacks. I do love sweet potato fries on occasion. I found this awesome recipe from Moms Need to Know.

vegan super bowl recipes

11. Vegan Pizza– Another recipe from Minimalist Baker. I love this recipe. It’s the perfect pizza. 

vegan super bowl recipes

12. Vegan Chicken- These are fried mushrooms, but season them the right way, they can replace chicken. Try this recipe from Ceara’s Kitchen.

vegan super bowl recipes

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