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Square Foot Garden Planner (Free Download)


Making a garden plan is essential to creating a productive garden. If you are using raised beds, you should consider learning about square foot gardening.  This method, was coined by Mel Bartholomew in 1981, who has a book on the subject here. This way of gardening can help you grow more fresh produce in less space with less work. This will be my first year doing this, and I am super excited.

I created this freebie to help you plan your garden for the upcoming season with instructions on how to get started. 

vegetable garden planner

Step 1: Divide/ Plan Your Garden

Divide your garden beds into 1 by 1 inch squares. This method will help you decide which plants you can grow. The freebie will tell you the recommended plants for the size of square.

Step 2: Decide What You Will Grow

Always check what plants will grow in your area with our grow zone checker. Find our tool here. You want to make sure you do this first. Then decide on what you will grow.. My tip is to grow things you actually want to eat. 

Grab Your Planner Freebie

Instant download of your square foot garden planner to use for the next season

Step 3 - Space Your Plants

Place your plants using the recommended space. Be sure to document your space. Use our garden planner

garden on a budget

Start Your Square Foot Garden Today

This free printable should give you a great blue print to get started. Use this to create a general idea of what you will plant, and do you best to stick to it. If you have any questions or comments. Feel free to contact me. I will also post my garden plot I am using for this experiment on my Instagram page.

square foot garden planner
  • This is the flower for okra and wow it's beautiful. I often think of my ancestors learning to farm. How did they figure it out. Who said ok after that flower stay tuned for a fruit or a vegetable? 
How did figure out some plants aren't tasty after they basil or arugula. 
  • Wanted to share some photos of the plants that aren't doing so well. Mold really did a number on the squash plants. Still trying to save them. Also some bugs on these cauliflower. 
It's not always perfect. But there are organic remedies to treat. 
  • Searching...searching..searching. 
For some ripe bell peppers. 
Getting there. 

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