Who does not love growing peppers in the summertime? Recently, I have been trying to find more hot sauce recipes so that I can use more of my pepper harvest. Previously I have made a taste roasted garlic hot sauce that I love. Branching out, I came upon a hot sauce recipe from chili pepper madness that I wanted to try. Mixing cilantro into the mix, this recipe is definitely a lot spicier than my other hot sauce. I think because there are no fruits or vegetables to balance out the heat. With that said, try at your own risk!


Find- Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce Recipe

habaneros hot sauce

Health Benefits of Habaneros

Looking up some of the health benefits, I found that habaneros can: 

1. Lower your cholesterol

2. Reduce blood pressure

3. Fight weight gain

4. Help prevent cancer

To read more, visit Eco Watch 

Gather Your Ingredients

The ingredients are listed below, but once you gather them, be sure to add them to a food processor, you can use a blender if you don’t have one.