I have been wanting to do this for a while, and finally decided to do it. You can make your own homemade gummy bears at home with this simple easy to make recipe. This is also vegan friendly for those who were curious. 

homemade gummy bears

Gummy Bear Recipe

I wanted to make my own gummy bears as an alternative to the ones in the stores. This way, I could cut down on sugar, and make sure I can read all of the ingredients on my candy. They came out great, and I made a few batches. I even added some natural food color to create the green version. These homemade gummy bears are a great healthy snack for kids and adults. 

Before you make them, be sure to pick up your own bear mold here: 

They are super easy to make, and the bears will easily pop out when they have hardened. Mix it up with whatever juice you like. I used mango juice, orange juice and pineapple juice.

homemade gummy bears