6 Awesome Uses for Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil seems to be all the rage right now. I have been using this oil for years as I wear my natural hair. It has been a godsend as a conditioner, especially when I lived in Berlin and did not have access to all the products I used to use back in the States. Not only did I use it on my hair, I also used it on my skin. It always gave me such nice glow. I have learned not too recently that coconut oil has many other uses, and I have compiled a list to share with you!

 Natural Remedies

  1. Treat bacterial vaginosis– I know that is shocking, but it’s true, trust me. I have actually used this, and it works. My OBGYN wanted to prescribe me some antibiotics, but I chose not to take them and use this method instead. I put some coconut oil on a tampon and inserted it into my vagina for a few hours, and the next day the symptoms were gone.
  2. Make up remover- I used a dab of coconut oil to clean my eye makeup off.
  3. Lip balm- I constantly use this. It just makes sense. I use it as a lotion, so it works easily on my lips.
  4. Personal Lubricant- I stumbled across this use when I realized that the other lubes on the market just would not work for me. I tried the water based ones, but I did not always remember to bring it with me, or to have it close when I needed it. One day, I gave my boyfriend a massage, and just used the rest for our night. It doesn’t sting, and it lasts forever. He loves it!
  5. Sunscreen and Sunblock- I used this on my trip to Mexico. This worked perfectly. I know it seems a little weird to use oil for sunscreen, but it helped me a lot. It also worked as a good sunburn healer.
  6. Reduce stretch marks- Coconut oil helps soften visible stretch marks.

There are obviously way more uses for coconut oil, that you can find here and here, but I just wanted to make a short list to get you thinking about it as a natural remedy.

Where to Buy

I bought my coconut oil from the farmers market. It came in a hardened state, and it melts when it is warm inside. You can go to practically any grocery store to find it as well. Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 Ounce

What are some things you use with coconut oil?


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  1. Aj

    as a woman, i must warn that you can cause yeast infections if you are not using with care and ensuring that your oil is sterile.

    1. Black Homesteader

      As a woman, I approve of this message.

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