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Iron Rich Fruits & Vegetables You Can Grow Yourself

There is something rewarding to growing your own fruits and vegetables for yourself and your family. I am not a nutritionist, but it is generally known that incorporating more of these into your diet, are sure to keep you healthy. However, certain plants can be great for certain health ailments.  

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Lately, my doctor has said I could use more iron in my diet, a problem many African American women tend to have, according to studies found on the National Library of Medicine.  The study found that “19.8% of African-American women would have been classified as “anemic” compared with 5.3% of whites.” One of the ways, I have been searching for sources of iron, rather than taking pills, was to grow more foods rich in iron so that I can counterbalance this issue. This is what led me to find and create a list of fruits and vegetables to grow when you need more iron in your diet, or if you have already developed anemia. I am not nutritionist, so of course make sure you are going to your doctor to confirm what is written here. Below are a list of iron rich fruits and vegetables that you can grow in your garden. Be sure to confirm when you can grow and what you can grow by using my planting zone map.

iron rich fruits

Iron Rich Fruits & Vegetables List





Beans (bush/ pole)


Collard Greens











Swiss chard



This list is just featuring vegetable and fruits, but of course there are many more vegan sources of iron that include nuts, and legumes. I hope this list gives you a good idea of what you can add to your garden that will help with better iron absorption. Anything I missed? Comment below, and I will add it to the list.

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