How To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

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How To Prepare Your Garden For Winter


Winter is approaching, and if you have a garden, you definitely want to learn how to prepare for this season. Getting your garden ready for Winter can save you so much time in the Spring & give you an opportunity to access your year and plan for the next growing season. So, in this post, we will give you the basics on how to prepare your garden for Winter.

This can apply to flowers and vegetables, but I won’t go into details on pruning for flowers at this time. 

prepare your garden for winter

Why Clean Up?

You want to clean up your gardening area and space. Cleaning up prevents pests, weed seeds and diseases from “overwintering” and potentially infecting spring planting. 

Steps To Cleaning Up Your Garden For the Winter

  • Remove all fading annuals and vegetables.
  • Cut back all perennials and discard.
  • Dig up bulbs and store in cool dry place until spring planting.
  • Rake up leaves, detritus (waste of any kind), & heavy mulch.
  • Any winter pruning.

Winter Pruning

  • Prune back damaged, diseased or overlapping branches from trees and shrubs. 
  • Thin and shape trees/shrubs how you would normally prune that specific plant. 
Pruning promotes life, but can also be difficult to learn. For more information visit this link to learn more about pruning. 

Prepare Beds for Spring Planting By Amending Soil

  • Get a soil sample to figure out what types of soil you have. 
  • Some Universities and Colleges have extension services that takes samples and can email them to you. Then you can figure out what your soil needs, and what it currently has. 
  • If you can’t get a good soil sample, just top dress. You can earn more about top dressing here. 

Clean Tools

  • Clean and sharpen tools
  • Drain irrigation system (if applicable)
  • Sow seeds for spring planting.
  • Clean garden sculptures (if applicable)

Read More: 8 Simple Steps To Starting Seeds Indoors


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