How To Make Coconut Oil

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How To Make Coconut Oil


I have recently wanted to make more of the basics at home as I learn more about homesteading. Coconut oil had been on my list for some time. I found this recipe via YouTube, and I have to say, making coconut oil is rather easy. The hardest part is getting the coconuts open. I used a hammer. The next hardest thing, would be finding a cheap source of coconuts. They were rather expensive in the grocery store. The product is a fresh smelling, version that I would say is way better than store bought. 

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Step One: Open The Coconut

This is an especially hard thing to do. I used a hammer to get it to finally open. You can find plenty of ways to open it yourself. 

how to make coconut oil

Step 2: Cut The "meat" Into Cubes

Cut the coconut into cubes after you have opened it. 

Step 3: Put Into Blender With Water

Put the chunks of coconut into a high speed blender.

how to make coconut oil

Step4 : Separate Coconut Milk

Run the milk through a metal mesh, or cheese cloth. Use the liquid to then put in the fridge overnight. Use this block to cook the next day. 

Step 5: All Set

After the oil has separated, you can put in a glass bottle and use. Check out this video below. She does a great job at thoroughly explaining how to make coconut oil at home. 

how to make coconut oil

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