Group Meditation “Om”

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Recently I had the opportunity to attend a group meditation at the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga. This group meditation centered around the mantra of “Om.” I will get more in that word and meaning later. There was one instructor who was very knowledgeable and gave us in-depth instruction about the physical and spiritual benefits of meditation.

Physical Benefits of Mantra Meditation

  • Reduce overall stress in your life
  • Become aware of your breath and improve your ability to breathe
  • Can lower your blood pressure
  • Helps to calm your mind and balance yourself emotionally.

Physical Benefits of Mantra Chanting

Mantra chanting can help quiet the mind from thinking too much by allowing one to focus on the sound and vibration of the chant. The instructor incorporated scent and sound by burning incense and lowering the lights so we could really focus. I have to say the whole experience was intense. I was nervous at first because he had let us know that people had the tendency to hallucinate.  I actually felt I did towards the end where things were blurry and I saw colors but I could have sworn it was simply my vision and nothing else, and I am still unsure to be honest. Not only did he explain the physical benefits, he went into detail about the spiritual benefits of chanting the mantra “Om” while you meditate.


The chant is correctly pronounced as AUM. According to Mind body green, “Symbolically the three letters embody the divine energy (Shakti) and it’s main 3 characteristics: 1) creation 2) preservation and 3) liberation. The idea is that you are tapping into a specific vibration that brings you closer in your connection to all living things on the planet. I have to say I did feel good, and very grounded after the group meditation.


I also learned about mala beads. I noticed a few friends of mine wearing them, but I thought they were just fancy bracelets made of crystals. Apparently, people who meditate regularly wear them to assist in their meditation practice. There are 108 beads and you touch each bead after a breath until you reach the other side. I thought, that’s dope, I want one. I found some here



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