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Healing Crystals for Chakra Balancing – INFOGRAPHIC

“Healing crystals are perfect companions that can help balance and buffer your chakras. Each stone has its own energy that corresponds to your specific chakra energy center.”


Peace Fam!

I noticed that this post was getting some traffic, so I wanted to go back and flesh this out and update a bit. On my journey, I started to get more into healing crystals and their properties. I have also learned about Chakras and what you can do to help balance them for overall wellness. If you do not know what chakras are, I got into them more here, there I explain what chakras are, and what the basic ones. As I learn, I would love to explain what happens specifically when each chakra is in balance and when they are not.

There are many ways to balance your chakras to raise your vibrations. I personally use crystals. Using these stones you can potentially achieve balance in whatever chakra you find is not in balance. Use this infographic as a guide, you can buy similar colored stones if you do not have these readily available. The “trick” is to find the right stones that fit your energetic quality, color, and the intuitive or personal resonance you have with it.

healing crystals

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