15 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

“These 15 Unique Halloween costume ideas for women are perfect to help you get creative for the holiday. You can mix and match as you please.”

This is KB, and I love Halloween. Since about 18, I have been celebrating it regularly. When I was a child, I was never able to celebrate the way other kids would. We would simply go to a church All Saints Eve night with games, and bags of candy provided. Feeling like I missed out, as an adult, Halloween has been a huge deal. At this point, I have probably tried a ton of costumes. These days I don’t play up the sexy part as much.
These days I get my costume ideas from books, movies, and celebrities like most people. Since I am all about saving money, I felt I could share these ideas to help you as well. A great tip is to go to places like Etsy to get cosplay costumes you can repurpose for Halloween. So, I put together some great costume ideas from Etsy & Amazon to help you get inspired for your costume for Halloween this year. 

1. Oshun

A goddess from the Yoruba tribe who was also married to Shango. She influences rivers, romance, fertility and love. She is the most beautiful of the Orishas and her colors are gold and yellow. She is symbolized in yellow butterflies, diamonds, and yellow roses. 

I love this costume idea. It’s unique and inexpensive to put together. Plus you get to tell that origin story. 

1. Crop yellow top. Find it here. 

2. You can use this skirt option. Find it here

3. This complete outfit is about $33. Find it here. 

4. This mask is a great addition. Find it here. 

2 . Dionne From Clueless

If you remember that 90’s movie, then this could be a good option. Although given what Stacey Dash has become, I am not sure I want to use her character anymore. 

3. Grace Jones - Strangé (Boomerang)

I loved that movie Boomerang with Eddie Murphy. Dress as one of the iconic characters, Strangé,  as she liked to be called. She was hilarious. Here are some things to help inspire you. You can wear what you have or visit a thri

4. Janet Jackson - Poetic Justice

I loved this movie. Janet Jackson and Tupac on screen together was so fun to watch. Recreate this look with items you may already have.  

1. Crop white top. Find that here. 

2. 90’s mom jeans. Find these here. 

3. Black belt. Find it here. 

4. White head wrap. Find that here. 

5. Serena Williams

Her tutu was controversial this year, for what I do not know. I thought it was cute. You can recreate this look with these items. 

1. Off should black bodysuit. Find it here. 

2. Black tutu. Find it here. 

3. Tennis Racket. Find it here.

4. Tennis Shoes- Find them here.

6. The Bride - Kill Bill

To be honest. I am not sure I would say this one is unique, but I do love the idea of a costume that doesn’t have to be sexy. Strength is also attractive. Get some yellow sneakers and a jumpsuit to create the outfit.

You can find the samurai sword here.

7. Lt. Uhura

This one I love to. She was so gorgeous!

1. You can simply buy the costume. Find it here. 

2. Black tights. Find them here. 

3. Remix it with this red dress. Find it here.

4.. These black boots would go well. Find them here. 


8. Storm - Xmen

Storm, was another great  fictional character that I would love to dress up as some day. 

1. You can use this catsuit. Find it here. 

2. Here is the complete costume. Find it here. 

3. You can find the wig here

9. Susie Carmichael

I loved Rugrats as a kid, and enjoyed seeing a little girl that looked like me on screen. I love this costume, it’s cheap and unique!

1. Yellow tunic. You can find it here. 

2. Get the red shoes. You can find them here. 

3. Purple tights. You can find them here

4. To add the purple flowers, you can find them here. 

10. Tina Turner

I love the old Tina’s music, but this is an inconic look. You can create with these suggestions. 

1. A more conservative version of one of her inconic looks. Find it here. 

2. Black pumps. Find them here. 

3. Cute “tina” necklace. Find it here. .

4. Alternate black dress. Find it here. 

5. Tina wig. Find it here.

11. Auset/Isis

Getting back to African Goddesses, this is Auset. The Greeks called her Isis. She was an Egyptian Goddess that reigned over the health of children, water, the moon and motherhood. The Egpytians honor her as the giver of all life. Her colors are white, all shades of blue, and gold.

This one might not be unique, so you can buy it anywhere. I just feel people should make themselves a little more aware of their background. I have a coloring book about African Goddesses, here. 

12. Dora Milaje Warrior

These are fictional characters from the Black Panther movie, based on a real life tribe called the Dahomey Amazons. You can read more about them here. 

13. Lana Kane

Lana Kane from archer should be easy to recreate yourself. You just need a sweater dress and some boots. Make sure to get some toy guns. 

14. Nothing

If Halloween is not your thing, you don’t have to participate. This is what my plan is for my office party this year. 

1. You can find this t-shirt here. 

15. Sunshine- Harlem Nights

I did mention I love Eddie Murphy movies from the late 80’s? This character was a small part, but if you watched the movie you would never forget it. 

Sunshine was a prostitute tasked with seducing the man who was running the drugs and money that Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor used as a trap to lure the cops to the bank. You can try to find some great vintage clothes on etsy to create a look for cheap. 

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