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10 Benefits of Drinking Water From A Copper Vessel

Peace Fam,

Recently on one of my favorite websites, Secret Energy, they had a great video embed on their site that I wanted to share with you. Getting a large amount of water into my body has always been important, and I love finding ways to make water taste good, as well as be good to you. I have tried alkaline water, fruit infused water, and now I am just learning about how copper can be beneficial to ones health.  Since your body cannot make copper, you have to eat foods rich in copper, or you can simply drink this water, according to this video.

copper vessel


  • This is the flower for okra and wow it's beautiful. I often think of my ancestors learning to farm. How did they figure it out. Who said ok after that flower stay tuned for a fruit or a vegetable? 
How did figure out some plants aren't tasty after they basil or arugula. 
  • Wanted to share some photos of the plants that aren't doing so well. Mold really did a number on the squash plants. Still trying to save them. Also some bugs on these cauliflower. 
It's not always perfect. But there are organic remedies to treat. 
  • Searching...searching..searching. 
For some ripe bell peppers. 
Getting there. 

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