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Learning how to start & run our own homestead. Gardening, DIY, Holistic Health, Prepping & More

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Start A Garden

Learn how to start a garden, whether you have a ton of space, or you are can only have a few containers on a patio. Learn the basics of growing your own food.

Vegan Recipes

We are vegans over here at Black Homesteader, so we will share what we know. If you are new to veganism, be sure to look out for our latest recipes.

Self Sufficiency

Self defense methods for your home, emergency prep supplies, financing your homestead, and alternative energy methods can help you on your path to a self sufficient life style.



Home remedies, beauty recipes, and other DIY projects for indoors and outdoors. Learn to make your own gifts for the holidays to stay within your budget.

Zero Waste

Cutting down on trash is essential to saving the planet. Find products and methods to help you go zero waste.

Holistic Health

Learn Holistic health methods that incorporate your mind, body and spirit.


Thank you for visiting. I am KB, and a few years ago, I began an interested in all things homesteading. I enjoy cooking vegan recipes, diy home and beauty projects, zero waste topics, gardening, and prepping/self sufficiency. As I learn, I wish to share my experience in order to inspire others. 


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